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The best climbers have a knack for never looking rushed or anxious on the wall. Tommy caldwell seems to be able to hang out all day, methodically plotting his next move as if he were sitting in his...
Emily Harrington and Camera Operator Chris Prescott untangle the web below the roof crux on the Balme Wall.
Camera Operator Chris Prescott spent a very long day hanging off the Balme Wall to get the footage for this episode. At least he had a nice view...
Wolthat Mountain Range
The air base was the starting point of the Katabatic climbing adventure, where the team had to wait for a weather window for four days before they could be transported to the base camp on the icein...
Watch the full video of this classic technical line in the EpicTV's Nomand Series, following Jonathan Siegrist travel and climb around the world.
Jonathan Siegrist Climbing 'Speed Intégrale', 9a, Cedric Lachat's extension of Beat Kammerlander's classic test piece 'Speed', 8c+, in Voralpsee, Switzerland.


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